A household name in the inland shipping world since 1983

A known and trusted name

A household name in the inland shipping world since 1983

A known and trusted name

A household name in the inland shipping world since 1983

A known and trusted name

Welcome at AD Stolk Schepen

Stolk Schepen B.V. is an independently operating buying and selling company in the inland shipping world. We buy and sell all types of used floating material such as pontoons, dredgers, tugboats, hopper barges, barges and also diesel generators, pumps and anchor winches.

Stolk Schepen B.V. can also rent push barges and barges. We can also act as a mediator in the purchase and sale of floating material and also mediation in transport.

Purchase and sale of used ships and machines

Strategically located between the ports of Rotterdam
and Dordrecht on the Noord river.

About us / history

The founder and owner, an old acquaintance in the ship trade, Mr. Ad Stolk. For many years he has gained knowledge and understanding. As a result, he has a lot of experience at home and abroad with the purchase and sale of ships. The company of his father and grandfather goes back many years, he became independent in 1983 and started on site 161. It is a site of 2.4 ha and half a kilometer walkant. Veersedijk Beheer B.V. also operates on site. with the rental of storage site, this is operated by the daughter of Mr. Stolk, Caroline. And on the walkant you can find Mr. Ad Stolk's ships.

Our employee Dennis van Bennekom, a new representative, not a Stolk this time. A friend of the family and a man with a heart for the business. Dennis can give you a tour of the ships. Interested buyers can inspect the ship, possibly with a cruise. This allows them to properly determine whether the ship meets the requirements.

If you have any questions about the thickness measurement, certificates or the like, secretary Barbara Vlasblom can help you further, of course while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

Services and options

Stolk Schepen B.V. also mediates in the purchase and sale of ships and parts. Sometimes we are unable to deliver the vessel or part you want because of our frequently changing stock. Because we are well introduced to the maritime world, we can trace the object you are looking for and mediate in the purchase.

We buy and sell all types of used floating equipment such as pontoons, dredgers, tugboats, hopper barges, inland vessels and also diesel generators, pumps, anchors and winches.

The rental of push barges and pontoons at Ad Stolk Schepen B.V. is possible.

We are also happy to help you with sales and mediation!



Brandblus- Havensleepboot en ijsbreker

S.I. tot 15-02-2025 en Meetbrief geldig tot 17-11-2027

Recent gerepareerd bij scheepswerf Kooijman, rekening ter inzage.

Afmetingen:L 24,15m B 6,22m Diepgang 2,75m H boven het vlak 6,09m

Voortstuwing motor 330 KW Bolnes Type 5KNL. Reintjes keerkoppeling Type WGV.

2 Brandbluspompen op 3 monitoren aangedreven door:

Daf diesel Type 1160 169 KW en Caterpillar diesel Type 3306 B D/TA 222 KW.

Genset met AD pomp aangedreven door Mercedes diesel Type OM 314 31 KW


Prijs op aanvraag


Ad Stolk 06-53117582 of Dennis van Bennekom 06-41292501

Aanmeerponton VERKOCHT!


L.O.A. = 26,85 m. B.O.A. = 7,50 m. Breedte beun 1,65 m.

Holte 2,40 m. Uitwatering 1,85 m.

Beide ruimen toegankelijk via windkap en trap waar eventueel een werkplaats kan worden gemaakt.


Prijs op aanvraag

Info: Ad Stolk 06-53117582. Dennis van Bennekom 06-41292501


Stolk Schepen B.V.
Veersedijk 161, 3341 LL, H.I. Ambacht

Ad Stolk:                     +316-53117582
Dennis van Bennekom: +316-41292501

Chamber of Commerce: 23072531
FAT NO.: NL802415854.B01
BANK: NL31 RABO 0317 356 240